Friday, September 02, 2011

Five Senses Friday

Hello Holiday Weekend!!  I don't have much planned this weekend except an 11 mile walk and recovering from said walk.  Recovering sounds a lot like chocolate milk and ice packs in front of the TV.  Oh and I really need to work on my 2010 photo book.

  • All about my company as we made headlines all over the place!

  •  Candy corns!!  I love candy corns!!  But, isn't it a little too early?  It's not even September.  Oh that's right.  It is!  Where is this year going?

  • What I really hope is not the onset of an ear infection.  Ugh.

  •  Is that fall in the air? 

  • A gorgeous sunset (although that might have been last week...the days are starting to blend together)

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