Sunday, September 04, 2011

Week in Review

With only a few weeks left until the You Go Girl half marathon I thought I would bring back the training week in review.

Monday - hot yoga, nothing too exciting

Tuesday - early morning 2 mile walk.  Won't be too many more of these as it's getting lighter later.

Wednesday - Pure Barre class

Thursday - 3 mile walk where I just beat the fading sunlight. 

Saturday - hot yoga, this was a hard class.  Not sure why.  The beauty of yoga - it is never the same.

Sunday - 11 mile walk where I kept an average (are you ready for this?) 14:38 pace!!  Holy cow!  Let's pause for a minute and reflect.  Wow.  Okay, so this was my basically flat route, but still I'm feeling pretty good about it.  I knew I went out fast, but I was feeling pretty good so I just kept going. 

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