Sunday, January 22, 2012

Run #1.10 Quantity over Quality

This could also be called the "it wasn't pretty but I survived" run.  Or actually walk as it turned out to be.  I didn't think a run could be much worse than last week's snow filled run but I was wrong.  Take a path filled with icy, slushy mess, add in hail and wind and you get a recipe for disaster.

But let's start at the beginning.  I had 12 miles on the docket for today.  I had hoped the promised rain would have swept through and melted the snow off the path.  I wasn't sure where would be the best place to run but I figured my normal trail was as good as any.  I arrived and was greeted with sloppy, slushy, icy remnants of snow covering the path.  It was quite slippery and I started off nice and slow.  It did cross my mind that I should take this inside and on the treadmill, but I quickly said no as I can't imagine doing 12 miles on a treadmill.  (More power to those who can!)

It finally cleared out enough that I didn't have to watch each step.  Of course it was around this time when I swear it started hailing.  Ugh - hail, really?  After a long stretch of good path, it started getting worse.  And worse.  I was walking on the grass at this point, as it was much easier to keep my balance and not slip.  I finally turned around when I didn't see it was going to get any better.

I really hadn't run very much at this point, thinking it was much safer to walk.  When I got back to the most clear part of the path, I doubled back and made up my missing mileage, running where I could.  I had about 2 miles left when the wind started up.  Sure why not?  It was a strong cross-wind.  And I was so done at that point.  I gave up any pretense of trying to run.  I was ready to sit down on the path and cry.  Except then I would have been even more wet than I already was.  I was wet, cold, and in pain.  Only two miles left, only two miles left kept running through my head.  I got to the last messy, really ice patch and slowed down considerably.  And I could feel my body shutting down.  Finally, mercifully I was done.  These weren't the best miles I've done, but I'm hoping getting 12 miles in, regardless of the type of miles, will help.

In the good news category?  I finished (barely) in under 3 hours which was my goal.  And helps with my confidence for next week.  

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