Saturday, March 20, 2010

Five Senses on Saturday

So, my fives senses are a day late this week but I wanted to make sure I gave props to my co-worker who made yummy corned beef & cabbage for St. Patrick's Day!!

* Lots and lots of basketball! I love March! And I just finished seeing the Huskies advance to the Sweet Sixteen.
* The sun! I think spring is here.
* Very good friends in Houston.

* Bump! As someone backed into me in a parking lot. Fortunately they weren't going very fast and no damage was done. Worst part? I wasn't driving my car. I'm still so sorry Jason!!

* Wow, Jenn (my co-worker) is an amazing cook! I "guilted" her into making us corned beef and cabbage! And it was really good! I didn't mean to guilt her into it - I asked if she was making it again this year and she hadn't planned on it until I asked. I'm glad I asked! :)
* To top off the St. Patrick's Day celebration, we had Irish Mocha cupcakes from New York Cupcakes.

* Not a lot as I caught a cold on my flight home from Houston.

* Relaxed - I originally had a massage scheduled for Thursday but it was cancelled. But then I was able to get in on Saturday at another place. Ahhh... This was my "reward" for doing the half marathon.

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