Thursday, March 11, 2010

List #4 Why I Will (most likely) Run the Princess Half Marathon Again

So I'm still working on the actual race report, but in the meantime - a list! Leading up to this race I was so sure that this was going to be my last half for long time, if ever. I should know by now that generally when I say never, it pretty much guarantees that I will do it with very few exceptions. One exception would be a full marathon - I feel very confident saying no way will I ever do a full marathon. It is just way too long!! It was somewhere around mile 10 where I thought to myself, I could do this again!! Not necessarily any old half marathon - but specifically the Princess Half. And here are a few reasons why.
  1. It takes place at Disney World!
  2. I get to run through the castle!
  3. Taking pictures with the characters (and I'm so stopping for Cinderella next time)
  4. Wearing a tiara
  5. Embracing my inner princess!
  6. The bling!! (I HEART the medal!!)
  7. Running with 13,000+ other Princesses (and a few Princes too)
  8. So I can take pictures without my hat on (you'll see what I'm talking about once I get around to uploading my pictures)

Seriously - if you could sign up tomorrow for next year's race, I'd be all over it since I'm still on my post half high!

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Anonymous said...

Your hard work really paid off big-time - what a FINISHER! Congratulatins! love, mm