Friday, March 26, 2010

List #5 Random Thoughts of the Week

I liked Mandi's list of news for the week and I’m going to copy the idea slightly... List #5 Random Thoughts of the week

  1. I have no motivation lately. Or I’m suffering from the blah’s... I don’t know if it is post race blues, or this cold (which ended up being bronchitis) which has got me down. Dear Motivation, Where are you? Why did you leave me alone? Please come and find me. Love, Emily
  2. There has been several times when I’ve been to the same place they’ve gone to on the Amazing Race. But this last episode in Reims blew it all away. I’ve been there not once, but
  3. Seriously, what is going on with Lost? They need to start tying up some loose ends.
  4. As of now, the Huskies are out of the tournament. Oh well, it was a fun run while it lasted. I heart my Huskies!
  5. Duke is still in the tournament (as of right now - they play tonight). And if they win tonight I will be bringing cupcakes in on Monday out of sheer happiness! Plus, who can pass up a cupcake?
  6. So, with me not being motivated and mainly staying on my couch I have caught up on a lot of TV.
  7. Maybe there is something to this Daylight Savings – it was light yesterday until 7 p.m.
  8. It is probably not a good idea to wear white shorts and no underwear to hot yoga. Just saying...
  9. Even with the lack of motivation, I am excited to start swim bike run instead of just run. Hopefully training will start sooner rather than later...

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