Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Five Senses Friday #17

* Jon, Nolan, Kyle, Brian, Lance, Coach K et al celebrating their win!! WOOHOO!! Duke is the 2010 National Champion! I am so excited!! And it was such a good game.

* “Your dress is here.” Jana is getting married very shortly and my dress still hadn’t arrived. I was starting to get a little nervous but it arrived and is now being altered.
* The angry beep as I tried to enter the work bathroom code into the hot yoga bathroom key pad. Oops!
* One Shining Moment - my favorite part of the entire NCAA Tournament is when they play that song. It brings tears to my eyes! Not a huge fan of the new Jennifer Hudson version, but still I love this song.

* Cajun jambalaya – my very talented cooking co-worker brought in another tasty dish and I had to try it.
* Duke celebration cupcakes! I’m not sure how it started, but ever since the Sweet Sixteen if Duke wins I’ve been bringing in cupcakes.

* Frustrated, followed by happy and a little guilty. The person in front of me in the Starbucks drive through was taking FOREVER and I was getting a little irritated. But then it was finally my turn and I drive up and they had paid for my latte! Which made my day, but then I felt bad about being so lesson learned. And I continued the trend and paid for the person behind me. Whoever you are that paid for my coffee – thanks, you really made my day!! And I’m sorry for being irritated.
* Ecstatic, excited, exuberant over the Duke win! It was an amazing game and being a Duke fan for 20+ years, there was no way I was switching to Butler, no matter how compelling their story was. I do feel bad for the Butler team to have come so close, but I have no doubt they will be back.

* Popcorn – people have made it every day this week and sitting close the kitchen I feel like I am smelling it constantly.
* Alright, we need a Duke themed entry for this category as is cliché but the best I can come up with at the moment – the sweet smell of victory!

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abby try again said...

thanks for playing along! Hope you have fun at the wedding :)