Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anne, with an E

There are many reasons why I love Anne of Green Gables but the two main reasons are probably the fact that she spells it Anne, with an e.  My middle name is Anne, with an e.  Yes I am Emily Anne and yes I get called Emily Anne and Emily Annie.  Funny thing is though the Anne is after my grandma.  Her middle name was also Ann but no e.  My mom was so convinced that of course my grandma would spell it with an e that she didn't check.  And thank goodness for that because I am convinced, like Anne, that it is so much more romantic spelled with an e.  The second reason is a little more obvious and that is we both have red hair.  But unlike Anne, I have always liked the color of my hair.  Probably the other reason I was such a fan of Anne was Gilbert.  Sigh, Gilbert.  My first book boyfriend.  In college, my roommate and I divvied up our book boyfriends and I'm pretty sure I ended up with Gilbert and she ended up with Mr. Knightley (of Emma) or was it Mr. Darcy?  I still would marry Gilbert if I could! :)

Why all the reminiscing?  Last night I went with Jessica & Nilufer to see Anne of Green Gables, the Musical.  The Musical?  Yes, they turned it into a musical.  We actually started off going to see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Pacific Science Center before trekking up to Everett.  We had dinner at The Magestic Cafe where I had Shepard's Pie (although the dish of the night was the Portobello Mushroom Lasagna, which both Nilufer and Jessica  had).  And then it was off to see the musical.  It was super cute.  The girl who played Anne did a really good job.  And now I really want to watch the movie again!  Time to dig it out...


FruitFly said...

What's the Harry Potter exhibit?

And now, the important stuff ... I LOVE Anne!! Everything about her. I actually almost put in the first movie this weekend. I always thought she was so pretty and I was totally jealous of her pretty red hair. I never understood why she hated it because I have always wanted it.

And then there's Gilbert. Oh dreamy Gilbert!!

(Do you have the DVD 3 pack??) I must pull it out now, too!

Emily said...

The Harry Potter exhibit had a lot of props & costumes from all the movies. It was pretty neat to see. Especially some of clips from the early movies when they were so young!

I so have the DVD 3 pack!! And I did dig it out and started watching it again. I love Anne, I love those movies! I'm excited to go home tonight and watch another part! I'm trying to spread it out over the next week.