Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

Random thought for the day - the last couple times I've turned on the radio Walking on Sunshine has been playing (and on different stations even).  Not that I'm complaining - I like the song, it just seems weird that I've heard it three times in the past two days.

I have made it back to hot yoga!  I can't do all the postures, but it feels good to get back into a routine.  No dancer's pose, no fixed firm and I really shouldn't be doing camel, rabbit or half tortoise but I've been able to do plow and bridge as substitutes.  Next up, the treadmill & stationary bike.  My knee is still not happy, but I'm continuing with physical therapy for another two weeks and then we'll see.  With all the sitting at my desk the past few weeks, my progress has taken a step back or two which is why we're giving it another couple of weeks before deciding on whether or not to get an MRI.

I've seen several different people posting about 2011 races and it makes me realize this will be a different type of year.  I love the start of a race, all the excitement.  I love the feeling at the end of the race, knowing I finished.  I enjoy (and dread!) training for a race.  And right now, I'm in a different type of race.  That of rehabilitation.  A slow race.  One that is teaching me patience.  And reminding me it is okay to take it slow.  And to appreciate what I can do.  The reason I'm sidelined?  A silly fall on a hiking trail in Italy.  No glamorous injury.  Just a fall.

Speaking of things to do in 2011, I'm starting to think about where my big vacation will be this year.  I'm a planner.  On the one hand, Salzburg is calling my name.  The Sound of Music, a castle, and Mozart.  Hmm...  Or someplace else?  Sweden, Estonia or maybe Norway?  Then I could knock off another country.  Shockingly I have no Disney trips planned at the moment.  But I'm sure that will change! :)

Anyone else planning vacations for 2011?

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FruitFly said...

All of my trips in 2011 are for races! But that takes me to Orlando, Disneyland and Las Vegas!

I am totally addicted to racing. Like you I love all the excitement - yet the nerves and training - they do a number on me!

I vote for you to go to Salzburg so I can live vicariously through you!