Sunday, January 09, 2011

Death in a Cup

Oh coffee
Not only do you perk me up
But you warm my insides on a snowy wet day
Your delicious aroma wafts through the air
Tickling my nose
I wish I had a cup of you right now

Speaking of coffee, my boss's coffee order is somewhat involved.  I was picking up coffee the other morning and the barista looks at my boss's order and asks me "This isn't your drink is it?  It looks a little too intense for you."  After I tell her it isn't mine she comments that it should be called Death in a Cup.  Ha!  I don't know that it is that bad, but I love the phrase "Death in a Cup". 

I must be tired if I'm rambling on about coffee...


FruitFly said...

That's funny!
But I must say I am relieved - I thought you were going to say you felt like death in a cup and had a cold or something. That would suck!

I don't drink coffee at all, but now I am very curious about your boss as a person, and what exactly was in that cup!

Sara @ Running In Pink Project said...

I love coffee but mine isnt intense either. :D