Sunday, May 01, 2011

Once Upon a Time

I'll admit it.  In my younger days I did daydream on occasion that somehow my path would cross with Prince William and we would fall in love and I would be a REAL princess.  That was until I came to a better understanding the whole fishbowl aspect of  being a princess in this day and age.  It was then that I realized that what I really wanted was a lessor royal.  This way I could still have a tiara and maybe a castle!! :)  Without the loss of privacy.  A girl can always dream, right?   So instead of Prince Charming, I started dreaming of Duke Charming (his cousin) or even Earl Charming (second cousin, twice removed).  Yes, I have a very rich imagination.

I remember sitting on a couch watching Princess Diana get married.  It felt like the middle of the night - my mom woke me and my sister up and we watched the fairytale wedding unfold right in front of us.  Was it then that my fascination with all things Princessy started?  Or is that just part and parcel of being a girl?

All this to say while I didn't wake up super early to watch Will & Kate, I did DVR the Royal Wedding and watched it today.  I was caught up in all the hoopla surrounding the wedding.  After all, it was on my birthday!!  If I could have been in London, I would have.  But apparently my invite was lost in the mail.  Ha! :)  I was actually there when Prince Edward married Sophie.  And I remember this because I wasn't able to go visit Windsor Castle like I planned since that was where they were getting married.

But back to the wedding - she was absolutely beautiful and they looked so happy together.  Maybe not a classic fairytale, but still there are fairytale aspects to it.  A commoner marrying a royal?  I loved seeing Posh & Becks, Ian Thorpe, and all the hats!  What a beautiful wedding and I wish them nothing but happiness!!        

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