Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's not that bad

This morning started off fairly normal. I woke up to Chloe howling, putzed around, took a shower and set off for the park. I hadn't been to Seward Park in awhile so decided to go there instead of Marymoor Park. I started off on the path. I've slowly been working up to running 2 songs, walking 1 and was able to keep up the pattern for the entire 3 miles. I started back towards my car and the first thing I noticed was there was a lot of broken glass on the ground on the passenger side of my car. My first thought was I don't remember that glass being there when I parked. I wouldn't have parked there. My trepidation increased as I got closer to my car. The passenger side window on my car was completely shattered. My heart dropped. My entire life was in my car. I got in and thankfully the only thing missing was my gym bag. It was at that point I started bawling. From what I can tell what must have happened in a matter of seconds - smashing my window and grabbing the gym bag. So a smash and grab job. It wasn't like this was a deserted place, there were several cars and people all around. A woman came over to me as I was sobbing and gave me a hug and told me the same thing happened to her daughter the previous month. She advised me to call the police. I did and made my report. The funny part of the story was when the police operator asks how much the gym bag was worth. The bag was an old Enron bag so I made a quip about did he want the actual value or the eBay value. He laughed and I laughed. With it reported, the next step was getting my car fixed. Of course since it was Saturday not a lot of repair shops were open. Aside from the window being shattered, there was some slight damage to the window frame which meant the one glass place I found that was open couldn't fix it and the one body shop I found that was open couldn't fix it either. However, I did find a glass & body shop recommended by my insurance which I will be calling first thing Monday morning.

Honestly - was it really worth it? All you got was a pair of sneakers, workout clothes, shampoo, maybe 50 cents, a hair band and a few other sundry items.

I debated whether or not to post this as in the grand scheme of things, it is so insignificant. It is an annoyance, I do feel violated, but I'm safe, I still have my car and most of my possessions. My car is insured. I need to go buy a new pair of shoes and some toiletries and a new gym bag. I think about my former co-worker who just lost her 8 week-old son, my aunt & my cousins who are preparing to say goodbye to my uncle, and a broken car window is not that bad. I wrote this to get my feelings out and process what happened and I decided to post it as this blog has evolved from a place for me to write about my trips to more of a chronicle of the events in my life. It really wasn't that bad now that I have processed it and when I figure out the lesson I should learn from this, I will let you know!

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