Sunday, December 16, 2007

Saturday & Sunday

So this is a modified & combined "What I Did All Day" post. Paying attention to the details takes some work on the weekends! I'm not sure what happens to all my time!

4 something am Wake up. You have got to be kidding me. It's the weekend!!! Roll over and go back to sleep.

5:40ish am Get out of bed and head for the shower. It is the weekend but I am meeting a friend for coffee at 8 and if I get up now I can go for a run/walk.

6:20ish am Leave and head towards the park.

6:56am Start out. It's a little darker than I thought it would be but the path is lit. I'm wondering if this was such a good idea. But I'm only going 2 miles so I figure as long as I pay attention I should be fine. The sky starts to get light almost immediately and it isn't long before I run into other runners.

7:24am Arrive back at my car. Head towards Starbucks.

7:40ish am Stop at the office to change pants. I had brought an extra pair and good thing as it had started raining and my pant legs were fairly wet. The Starbucks I am meeting my friend is fairly close to my office so it made sense to stop there.

7:50ish am Arrive at Starbucks and see my friend walking across the parking lot. We get our drinks (mine is a cinnamon dolce latte, non-fat & sugar free) and chat.

8:26am Leave Starbucks and head towards my favorite store in the world, Target. Take my time shopping.

10 ish am Head towards Seattle. I've got an appointment at 11:30. Since I've arrived early I walk around and enjoy being in Seattle. I absolutely love Seattle during Christmastime with all the decorations and lights.

12:34pm I'm done with my appointment and I've realized I forgot to buy Chloe (and Sera, Jensen & Samson - the other dogs) their Christmas presents. Head to Petco before going to the grocery store.

4 something pm Arrive home. Yeah, still have no idea where all the time went either. Watch the second half of the Husky basketball game (they win - barely!).

5 something pm Read, play on the internet, start selecting pictures for a 2007 photobook. I've wanted to do a yearly scrapbook but that hasn't happened so I'm debating doing a photobook instead.

9:11pm Go to bed.

5 something am It is still the weekend and I can sleep in but I'm not. Go back to sleep.

6 something am Decide to actually get out of bed. I have been lying there and falling back asleep for 5 or 10 minutes and then waking up, then falling asleep and then waking up.

7:20am Take Chloe outside to do her business.

7:49am Leave for the race.

8:07am Arrive at the race. Pick up my packet and head back to my car to drop off my jacket and the information I don't need anymore. Put on my race shirt. Leave and walk back to the race area.

9:30am The race should be starting but we've been informed there is a slight delay.

A little while later The race starts and off we go. It isn't long before everyone spreads out.

1 hour, 44 minutes, 51 seconds later I cross the finish line!

12:18pm Arrive home and check the website - my time has been posted.

12 something pm Watch the end of the Seahawk game (they lose). Watch end of the Indianapolis game and the then the end of the Dallas game while rolling coins for my dad.

2:40pm Make a stir fry for a late lunch. Chloe does not like it when I use the oven and hides upstairs.

3 something pm Post my race results blog. Play on the internet.

4 something pm Go through my closet and come up with several bags of clothes to donate.

5 something pm Watch tv, and just generally veg. I got up and I am definitely a little bit stiff.

I'm about to post this so I'll predict what the rest of my evening will be like.

8:00pm Watch the finale of Survivor. I'm hoping either Amanda or Courtney will win. Actually the only person I don't really want to win is Todd. To me he tried to go for the over the top, showy moves in order to show he was the mastermind, even if the moves didn't make sense. But we'll see what happens. The jury can always surprise you.

9 something pm I'll probably go to bed before the end of the show. Thank goodness for DVRs!

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Anonymous said...

you are sooo dedicated to do a race in DECEMBER - Bravo!