Monday, February 21, 2011

Black Bean & Pumpkin Burger

Happy President's Day!!  And happy day to sleep in, which I did quite happily.  Although I could have slept in a little more, except I decided to go to yoga.  Yoga at 9:30 is much better than 8:30! :)  As I signed in, the teacher (who is one of my faves) tells me that I am looking really good!  The old Emily would have felt really uncomfortable and undeserving of the compliment because I have so far to go on this weight loss journey.  But the new Emily accepted the compliment and said thank you very much.

And in honor President's Day I decided my February recipe would be a burger, because what's more American than a burger?  Oh wait, I think that's hot dogs.  Oh well.  And really I landed on this burger because when I looked at the recipe (discovered on fANNEtastic food and even better she spells her name with an "e").  I realized I had all the ingredients!  Yes!!  It was actually a quick, easy recipe and tasted pretty good.  I stuck mine on a bun with ketchup and a smidgen of mustard because a burger isn't a burger without ketchup.  Yummy!  I will be making this again.

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Savannah said...

Just found my next meatless Monday recipe - that burger looks fantastic!