Friday, February 04, 2011

Five Senses Friday

  • Maryland & Missouri license plates - I don't know why that struck me as odd, but it did.
  • Diane!!  We used to meet once a month but that fell apart but we are trying to start it back up again.
  • My physical therapist tell me it is time to get an MRI.  It is scheduled for Tuesday.  Hopefully I'll finally know what is wrong with my knee.
  • Donuts!!  I tried to resist.  I really, really, really did.  But they were calling my name.  Emily, eat me!  And so I did.  Oh well.  A donut every once in awhile isn't that bad, right?
  • Super excited I finally have some trips planned!!  Hawaii in early March and Disneyland in late March!  I really have been feeling the need for some magic so I'm super excited about Disneyland!  And yeah, I'm also excited about Hawaii. :)
  • Popcorn - seriously, I walked into the hall the other day and it could have passed for a movie theater the popcorn smell was so strong.

Happy Weekend!!


FruitFly said...

I'm thinking of doing popcorn and a movie in my house tonight!

And I bought my tickets to Disneyland this week. My plane tickets that is. I'll get park tickets later.

And I also bought a donut this week. One of those old fashioned ones. SOOO good - and I didn't feel the least bit guilty eating it, which was a fabulous feeling in itself!

Emily said...

Yay for Disneyland tickets! I still haven't completely given up on maybe doing the Disneyland half... I heart old fashioned donuts! That is the kind I ate as well.