Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Stroll

Congrats to all those Princesses who ran today!!  I'm so there next year!!  In honor of the race, I chose to listen to my Princess play list this morning.  I'm blessed that I live in an area with lots of different trails and this morning I decided to head back to what I think of as "my" original trail.  And this just seems like a good time to do a "what's going on in Emily's mind" post.

Okay, it is cold.  I guess I do need my jacket.  Probably need gloves and a hat too. 

Wow, that wind is biting.  I'm glad I got my jacket.

Ooh, I love this song!  I sing a lot more when I walk than when I run.  (Girls Aloud, Sexy!  No, No, No...)

Careful, that is a lot of snow. 

What about all of the things that you said?  (Brandy, What About Us?)

Hm, snow on pavement is way more slippery than snow on the trail.  But I can walk on the shoulder.  Much better, not as slippery.

Dude, really?  Out for your morning stroll smoking a cigarette?  Although I'm super jealous of your venti coffee that must be keeping your hands warm.  My fingers are icicles!!  So glad I wore my gloves!

What is this song?  Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about it!  (Alcazar, This Is the World We Live In)

Ooh, big dogs.  Dear Dogs, Please don't notice me.  I'm walking quickly by, you don't see me.


Gimme, gimme more.  I love Britney!  (Britney Spears, Gimme More)

Okay, they have gone.  Anyone else around?  I'm going to walk backwards!

Oh hill.  What's better than a hill?  An iced over hill.  At least it's trail and not pavement.

Spoke too soon, an iced over hill on pavement.  Wow, that is slippery.  Okay, we'll be walking off to the side on the trail.


I have not been on this trail for a long time.  When did they tear down the old school and start building the new school?

Corbin Bleu!  I love Corbin!  (Corbin Bleu, Speed of Light)

What's worse than walking uphill on an icy hill?  Walking downhill.  And no grass off to the side.  I'm going to walk on the shoulder of the road.  There haven't been any cars.

And there goes a car.  And another.  But the snow is gone, I can get back on the sidewalk. 

Oh Ashley Tisdale.  I'm going to see your straight to DVD Sharpay movie.  Sharpay was my fave.  (Ashley Tisdale, It's Alright, It's OK)

Morning.  There are a lot of people out this morning even with the cold and leftover snow.

Oh yeah, time to kick it old school!  (Backstreet Boys, Larger Than Life)

Dear Hill, remember last year when I finally was able to run up you without stopping? I will conquer you again, Hill!  Mark my words!

Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen more minutes.  Boy am I glad there aren't people around listening to me sing.  Or watch me attempt to dance as I walk.  (Now or Never, High School Musical 3)

I could really use some chap stick right now.  I think I need an emergency backup chap stick in my car. 

My fingers are warm.  Too warm.  I'm taking the gloves off.  I wish I could take my hat off.  But I think my ears would cry. 

Nobody has lapped me today.  Maybe they are all doing short routes due to the cold.

Spoke to soon.  Hi again.

Isn't it time to be back at the car?  I don't remember this trail being so long. 

Mark & Derek!  I love this song!  When does Dancing with the Stars start again?  More importantly, did I set my DVR for the Amazing Race?  (Ballas Hough Band, Devastated)

I'm really glad I have my jacket.  That wind is biting!

Morning.  Wow - he is fast!

Almost done.  Just the monster hill left.  I really need a good song to power me up.  Jonas Brothers - that'll do it.  I think this is the first Jo Bros song!  (Jonas Brothers, Paranoid)

Hm, think I can catch up to the people just ahead of me?  Yeah, no not with the ice on the hill.  Oh but maybe if I walk on the shoulder.  This shoulder is really wide.

I can see the stop sign, I can see the stop sign!  Almost there.  And then I can go home and take a hot shower.

C'mon Britney, get me up the rest of the hill.  (Britney Spears, Piece of Me)

Oh, just missed catching up with the people in front of me.  I would have had them if this hill was another block longer.  But thank goodness it isn't!!

Stupid baby hill.  Wasn't the monster hill enough?

Stairs or ramp?  Stairs.  Ouch.  Oh, knee.  You are doing good, you are almost done. 

I can almost see my car! 

I will be so glad when I can properly stretch out my left leg.  Dear Knee, I am very proud of your progress.  Keep it up.

And there you have it.  My slightly longer than 3 miles walk.  Even with the cold weather, it is nice to be walking outside.

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FruitFly said...

This post was great!!

Poor thing - here you were outside and freezing, and I was running the Princess and about to pass out from the heat!