Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What the Hail?

All the dire predictions of the worst winter in years never materialized.  Our winter has been fairly mild - which isn't a bad thing.  Fairly mild until now that is.  I feel much better I got my new tires now.  Although it was a little suspect that this Winter Storm would happen.  All we heard yesterday was snow, snow, snow.  And snow in Seattle is a serious four letter word.  So last night before I left work, I packed up my laptop in anticipation of the potential snow day.  (We have gotten somewhat better the last couple of years, but with all the hills it is better safe than sorry.)  But I woke up this morning to barely a trace amount of snow on the ground.  What a gyp!  What happened to my snow day? 

Turns out the snow was just delayed.  We have had all sorts of weather today - one minute it is pouring down snow and the next the sun is out and all the snow is gone.  It started hailing earlier this evening.  I decided to leave work then and skip the gym.  Instead I got home and then the snow started.  Since I skipped the gym I popped in Leslie to get a quick mile in.  The treadmill it is not, but it is at least something.  Plus I was definitely feeling my knee today, not sure why.  The snow is still coming down now - almost 2 inches have accumulated so far.  Good thing I brought my laptop home again tonight!  Looks like I might get my snow day after all!

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