Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brie, Cranberry & Chicken Pizza

Oh snap!  How did it get to be the end of the month already?  Whose idea was it to try and cook a new recipe once a month?  Oh, that's right.  It was mine.  Okay then, what is easy and quick and simple?  Pizza!!  What to put on my pizza?  Once upon a time when I was working in London I would usually have lunch at the sandwich place in my building.  One of my favorite sandwiches was cranberry & brie (my other favorite was a chicken & hummus on a brown bap - I just love saying bap!).  So how about a brie, cranberry & chicken pizza?  Yum!  It turned out pretty good.  Start with pizza dough, cranberry sauce, throw on some chicken, a little bit of brie and some mozzarella.  Pop it in the oven and there you go!

ETA: Once again I rolled out my pizza dough using a glass.  Maybe I should add rolling pin to my birthday wish list??

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