Friday, March 18, 2011

Five Senses Friday

As much as I love it being light at 7PM I am hating daylight savings!!  I cannot seem to wake up in the morning.  In fact my plan for this weekend (besides doing taxes & watching lots of basketball) is sleeping in.  Yes, I am skipping hot yoga Saturday morning and hopefully going to church Saturday night so I can sleep in both Saturday and Sunday morning.

  • Oh so yummy carrot cake!!  It was Nilufer's birthday and her mom made carrot cake and she brought some in to share.  Seriously - this is the best carrot cake EVER!!
  • Lots of green.  I love that people will still wear green for St. Patrick's Day.
  • Transmission fluid/oil - I'm hoping it's leftover from my little transmission problem and not a new problem.
  • I had a good one for this but it's gone...
  • Slightly overwhelmed!  And oh so excited for March Madness!!  This is my favorite time of year!!  Well, favorite time, sports-wise!

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FruitFly said...

I even pulled out some green yesterday! It was hard. I mean I am so orange and black that I don't own ANY green that isn't a running shirt. I had to wear my rainbow socks just for the one stripe of green. But I had the spirit!