Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Senses Friday

  • Rain

  • That I was someone's favorite babysitter!!  Let's not get into the fact that this someone is going into their senior year of college and her brother is graduating high school!!  When did that happen? 

  • A delicious crepe with turkey, cranberry, bacon and brie.  Yum!  And I'm not even a huge turkey fan!!  Too bad the service left a lot to be desired. 

  •   A general sense of blah (still not quite over jet lag)

  • Donuts!!  Swimming in the morning means I can eat a donut, right? :) 

And speaking of training, I'll probably soon switch to weekly training reports, but since there wasn't much this week I'll just add it here...(And I haven't yet checked with the physical therapist on doing a triathlon, but we're just going to assume it okay.)

  • Swim: Twice this week, increasing my pool lengths from 24 to 28.  And yeah, apparently 6 months of not doing a lot will mean your shoulders will really hurt when you start swimming again!  Guess I should work on toning my arms...before I was doing more power yoga and kickboxing which apparently use a lot more arm strength.
  • Bike: Nada - although I made an appointment to take my bike into the bike hospital for a check up (and to get new tires)
  • Run: So the run really is a walk but it's more fun to say swimbikerun than swimbikewalk, don't you think?  Four miles and that was without my iPod!  So instead I heard snippets of other peoples conversations as they sped past me and listened to the birds.  Oh and talked to myself.  A lot.  There is a lot of random stuff in my head.  I didn't feel super fast, but then again, I didn't feel super slow either.  I haven't powered up my Garmin yet so no stats.   

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FruitFly said...

I feel so happy for you that you are able to slip in a training report! You must be so happy to have the OK to do things again!

Your blog always makes me hungry. If it isn't a picture of pizza in Italy, you're talking about donuts in the morning. Yummy!!