Sunday, June 19, 2011

Disney in June

When I heard Michelle was going to Disney World, I asked to tag along! :)  It seems I've been tagging along on a lot of Michelle's Disney trips lately!!  No kids this time - just me and her (her husband was at a conference in Orlando so I crashed the first part of the trip).  And to recap, we'll try something a little different and just go with some highlights.
  • Number one on the list was seeing Michelle!!  
  • When I first got off the bus at Pop Century, the cast member greeting the bus was handing out princess buttons.  Not to me.  Did he not recognize me?  But then he gave me one later.  Good thing he did or I might have had to lock him in the dungeon!
  • I love driving to the Magic Kingdom because I can look outside and realize I ran on those roads.  And I WILL run on those roads again!
  • There was the cutest little girl dressed up as Rapunzel and she even had a small frying pan!
  • It was super hot so when I saw Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen had a short line (plus the line was in the shade) I decided to get my picture made.  Just as I got to the front Princess Tiana left.  Little did she know that was my plan all along!  It was just me & Prince Naveen! :)
  • I forgot how much I love Splash Mountain - except for, you know, the drop!
  • I love the Electrical Parade!!  
  • I can be *slightly* OCD so once again I made sure we did more than 9 attractions at Magic Kingdom so we could beat the average! :)
  • Michelle had never been on Toy Story so we got there right as Hollywood opened and ran to Toy Story and were still in line for a long time.
  • The new Star Tours is fun!!  Not so different, but still very fun!
  • There is no shade in Epcot.  Whatsoever.  
  • We were just about to ride Test Track when it was suspended for inclement weather.  Boo.  I haven't ridden Test Track in a long time!!
  • Oh yes, I wore one of my running skirts and it was maybe the best decision I made.  It was stinking hot!!
  • There is a dessert at Via Napoli that is DELICIOUS!!  I forget what it's called but seriously yummy!!
  • I heart the Yeti!
  • Overheard in line for the safari "I want to go and get chased by the Yeti"
It was a really fun (but quick) trip!!  I'm so glad I went.  I am definitely getting a lot of use out of my annual pass!!


Fruit Fly said...

Running skirts are sooo freaking comfy! I wore mine the day after the Princess Half. Wore one last weekend in Portland. Wore one yesterday at the golf course. Love them!

Alison said...

I am a new-ish reader, but when you start talking Disney I have to jump in. I was there this month, too! Now I'm doing the whole "a week ago today, we were having lunch at the Crystal Palace", etc, etc. But we had a great trip, so I can't be too sad. Looks like you did, too! Maybe our paths crossed at some point!

Agree about many of your points, including the no shade in Epcot thing. I felt like I was going to be vaporized by the oppressive sun on afternoon as I walked about the World Showcase. Brutal.

I haven't been to WDW in the summer in a while, and I was a bit disappointed at the lack of AC in a lot of places. Did you notice that at all? When I was little, that was our favorite thing -- even if it was hot outside, every ride/shop/restaurant felt like a meat locker on full blast. Spend a few bucks and crank up the air, Mickey!

Emily said...

@RR - seriously I could live in running skirts!!

@Alison - too funny! I'll bet we did cross paths at some point. It did seem super hot but every once in awhile you would get a blast of AC. I would not have cried if they had cranked up the AC though!