Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a Go!

Woohoo!!  I think summer is really here!  At least it is for today.  The sun was bright and sunny and even let off a bit of warmth!  Of course it'll probably rain this weekend, but that's okay.  I'll take the sun when I can get it.

Sunday I went to the park and did 6 miles.  There were a lot more cyclists on the road than normal and it took me awhile but I finally figured out a race of some sort was going on.  A few times a pack of cyclists would ride by and the lead cyclist would yell out "WALKER!"  And while I appreciate the warning so no one would ride over me, I had to come to terms with being called a walker.  But that is what I am, a walker.  For now.

My knee held up pretty well for 6 miles so at today's physical therapy appointment I decided to slip in a question about what my therapist thought about me riding a bike.  She didn't see a problem with me riding a bike.  Yay!  So I decided to push my luck.  What about a triathlon?  As long as I walk (no running), it should be fine.  Okay now, I have permission!  You know me and rules.

Besides training for a triathlon, I'm really considering a half in September/October.  I had originally been planning to do one in late September but I may have a conflict.  (More to come on that later - if my plans come to fruition.)  If I can't do that half, what half should I do?  For a brief half second I thought about the Disneyland Half (ignoring the fact it is sold out).  It would defeat the purpose since the whole point was to do a non-Disney half with a longer time limit.  Hm...  But do you know what does have a longer time limit (and takes place October 2nd)?  San Jose Rock N Roll, that's what!  As an added bonus, the flight would help me in my quest to make MVP on Alaska.  Things you think about...  So that is the thought percolating in my brain...  Think, think, think...


Fruit Fly said...

I don't know about you, but once I think about something, and then write it down for the world to see what I'm thinking, I just HAVE to follow through.

So, with my little method .... looks like you'll be in San Jose this year! ;)

**Biker Boy agreed to drive us to Seattle after seeing my blog about flipping out. Phew! What a relief!**

Emily said...

Yay for Biker Boy driving!! That is a relief!

And yes we are similar - by me putting it out there it almost guarantees I'll do it. And then there was a sale today on air fare to San Jose - it was so meant to be! Ha!