Friday, May 07, 2010

Five Senses Friday

* Weird weather, rain, sun, hail and pretty much everything in between. And sometimes all in the space of a couple of hours!
* Denise Austin at my building - I saw her, knew I recognized her, but didn't put the pieces together of who she was until she spoke. And then I knew - that voice had told me what to do before!

* “Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married” One of my co-workers is getting married today and yesterday several people walked by her cube singing that song

* Cinco de Mayo potluck at work

* My knee is feeling out of sorts – not really hurting, but not right. I’m continuing to ice it. And we’ll see about my 5K on Sunday...

* Onions, which made me cry as I chopped them up

1 comment:

thenextarrow said...

a cinco de mayo potluck sounds delicious.

here are my five senses...

xo Alison