Wednesday, May 26, 2010

List #8 Questions I Still Have About Lost

I just watched the finale of Lost, or I should say cried my way through the finale.  I'm still processing, but here are a few thoughts.  Sayid & Shannon's reunion even brought a tear, but I bawled with Sun & Jin, Kate, Claire & Charlie, and especially Sawyer & Juliet.  And Jack, what can I say about Jack?  I had actually soured a little bit on Jack the last few seasons, but that all changed this season.  I re-connected with my love for Jack.  And while the finale didn't answer a lot of my questions (hence the list), it was a really well done episode.  I thought it was very compelling, and at least it answered this season's question!  But here we go with some of my questions:  

  1. What was the deal with the numbers?  I mean, I realize they are candidate numbers, but why were they on the hatch?
  2. What made Desmond special?
  3. Who built the statue?
  4. Why wasn't Michael, Walt, Miles, Frank or (especially) Richard at the church?
  5. Why did women have problems with getting pregnant and/or giving birth on the island?
  6. How did Dharma find out about the island?  And why were they there?
  7. Why was Ben able to kill Widmore (when he couldn't a few seasons ago)?
  8. What's up with the wheel?
  9. What happened with Claire in the three years she was lost in the jungle?
  10. What was the point of the bomb?  Did it go off?
  11. I could go on, but those are my major questions.
Couldn't the producers come out with an addendum?  Or a Q&A session?  I'm okay with the answer being, it was a red herring or it was a story line we decided not to develop.  I just want to know.  And can I say I would happily watch a Sawyer/Ben show?  Or a Sawyer show?  Or a Ben show?  Sawyer can bring the funny sarcasm like no one else (not to mention how yummy he is without his shirt), and Ben, well you can never know what Ben is thinking.  Or a Ben/Hurley/Sawyer show.  Or a Sawyer/Miles show.  Or, or, or...I guess what I'm trying to say is I would love to see Josh Holloway or Michael Emerson on my TV again.

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