Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tulips, Waterfalls, & More

I haven’t been good about keeping current with all my adventures, but with this post I should be just about caught up! Khrissy came up to visit, she has been enamored of seeing the tulip festival for awhile now and it finally worked out for her to come up. Yay! I picked Khrissy up at the airport and after dropping off her luggage, we headed over to Redhook for dinner. It was great catching up, and a little surreal seeing her in Seattle and not Houston.

Saturday we started the morning off with a trip to Krispy Kreme since there aren’t any more in Houston. We drove up to the Tulip Festival, hoping that the big dark rain clouds would stay behind. The clouds did follow us, but it only sprinkled. We walked around the tulips, admiring all the different colors. It was the last weekend of the festival, so there was only one field open, but it still had a lot of tulips. After that we drove up to Bellingham, along Chuckanut Drive to have a late lunch/early dinner in Fairhaven.

Sunday ended up being a photo-stop tour of Seattle. First was Newcastle Golf Course to admire the view across the lake to Seattle, followed by Snoqualmie Falls. I gave Khrissy the option of appreciating the view of the falls from the top or hiking to the bottom and then back to the top. She chose to hike, so hike we did. From there we went into Seattle, stopping at Kerry Park for the view of the Space Needle. Then it was a trip to Pike Place Market before heading back over to try a cupcake from NY Cupcakes.

And just like that it was time to drop Khrissy off at the airport. It was fun playing tourist in Seattle, I really need to do that more often! And it was great to have Khrissy in town – just like old times!


Michelle said...

Did you plan to have matching jackets? Looks like y'all had fun! I'm jealous!!!

Emily said...

Ha! My mom actually copied me and got my same jacket but let Khrissy borrow it when it looked like it would rain.