Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Musings

My knee, while still a little "off", is much better than it has been. So this morning it was off to kickboxing and then hot yoga.

Speaking of knees, I'm not the only one with problems. Chloe has been acting not herself and then was noticeably limping so it was off to the vet. At first the diagnosis was her knees and she would need surgery. Yikes!! But the x-rays showed it wasn't her knees, but her ankle. We should hear back in the next week what the next step will be. For now, the goal is to keep Chloe resting, which is not an easy task.

Back to today - my sister had signed up for a cooking class on Thai Restaurant favorites which intrigued me so I signed up as well, as one of the dishes they were advertising was Phad Thai. And anyone who has eaten thai with me knows that I love Phad Thai! And so learning how to make it myself was quite appealing.

The class was good - we were split up into groups of four and we made Green Curry Chicken and Phad Thai. The other two dishes the instructor made most of, but talked us through it. One of the more interesting parts of class was when the instructor showed us how she dices an onion. I'd try to explain it here but I don't think it would translate quite well... The Green Curry called for Thai eggplants - which look a lot like tomatoes. I had never given eggplants much thought before. I'm excited to try the recipes on my own!

And now I'm going to sit back, relax and watch Princess & the Frog (I know - I can't believe it has taken me this long to watch it either!!)

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