Friday, May 28, 2010

Five Senses Friday

Woohoo!!  Friday is here!  It has been a loooong week, in fact it has been a long two weeks.  I am leaving early tomorrow morning for NYC, and I really haven't started packing so it might be a long night.  Hm, reflecting on my Five Senses and I think you sense it has been not a very fun week.  Negative?  Just a bit...  Anyway, since we are heading into prime training season (for me), I am adding a new section especially for training to the five senses.  While it may not be particularly interesting for all, it does help & motivate me! :)  Of course the week I decide to make this new section I did not do much in the way of training.  A couple later nights at work disrupted my schedule.

  • A scene straight out of Make Way For Ducklings - on my bike ride I came across two families of Canadian geese herding their little goslings across the path.  Had I thought about it, I would have taken a picture.
  • Myself speak as I go through what I will be talking about in NY.
  • I will be eating a lot of good food in NYC!
  • Incredulous, mixed with frustration – really, I mean really? Which then leads to stress... I tell you, I will be happy when this week is over.
  • Asphalt – I will be so happy when the construction is done on the new building!
  • First bike ride of the year! I kept it on the short side, but was feeling really good on the way out. After I turned around and started back into the head wind, I realized (at least part of the reason) why the out felt good. The in was a bit more of a struggle, but all in all it felt good to be back on the bike!
  • 2 pool swims

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