Sunday, July 18, 2010

Go Jump in the Lake

I'm not sure why I decided it was time for a training only post, but here we go.  Maybe it was the reality of my first triathlon being just 2 weeks away!!  Two weeks away, really?  Time to get swimbikerunning!

The training week started off with a run on the treadmill.  Next up was a pool swim.  I was about half way through when someone asked to share my lane.  No problem.  Until she left behind in her wake.  I had been feeling a little off my normal pace, but I didn't think I was that slow.  And then my highly observant self finally realized she was wearing flippers.  Okay, so I wasn't that slow.  Sometimes sharing a lane can be helpful in pushing me.  After she blew by me, I decided to see if I could finish before she passed me again.  She kept creeping up on me until she was right on my tail with 3 lengths to go.  Somehow I was able to dig deep and find some afterburners to finish just ahead of my lane mate.

There comes a time to say goodbye to the pool and hello to Lake Washington.  Friday morning was that day.  My boss thought it was hilarious that I told her I was going to go jump in the lake.  I am not a huge fan of swimming in the lake what with the lake grass and the fish.  The lake was cold.  I did my usual slow slide into the water and then it was time to get down to business.  There was one obnoxious fish (although I'm sure he felt the same about me).  He got way too close a couple of times and I jumped out of the water each time.  I finally figured that if I avoided this one area we were good.  So I kept to my side and didn't see the fish again.

With race day fast approaching, it was also time for my first brick* of the season.  The wind on the out was not fun, but on the way back it was even worse.  I'm a little worried about the bike this year - my normal ride doesn't have a lot of hills, and the hills it does have are baby hills.  I decided to work on my non-drafting.  While I understand not drafting in theory, putting it into practice is a little more difficult.  I am not the best judging spacially and three bike lengths is hard.  I mean the point is to not be on the wheel of the person in front of you so as long as I'm far enough back it should be okay.  I'm a rule follower so I like to be in compliance with the rules.  I didn't have to worry about people passing me since they flew by and were way more than 3 bike lengths ahead in no time.  But I did pass a few people and tried to keep 3 lengths behind until I passed and then pass within 15 seconds.  Hopefully I'll remember this all during the race!

I finished up the bike, threw it in my car, and was off on the run.  The wind hadn't diminished.  I walked from the parking lot to the trail, shaking out my legs and then I was off and running.  I ended up running most of the 2 miles.  I feel much more ready with a brick under my belt.

(*A brick is when you do two different sports during the same workout.)

Sprinkle in a few hot yogas and one kickboxing class and you have my week.  Up next week?  More lake swim, more brick, and hopefully some hill work on my bike.

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