Sunday, July 25, 2010

Say What?

First off, I left out one tiny detail from my post yesterday.  And that would be the lake swim!  How did I forget that?  Freezing cold once again, but fortunately no fish this time!  The nagging slow feeling was still there.  The sun was out though and the sun beams cutting through the water kept playing tricks on me.

So how did I end up signing up for 4 triathlons in 8 weeks?  Yeah, I'm not sure I thought this through.  This is will be my fifth year doing sprint triathlons.  I really like the sprint distance - it isn't too far, but does require some training, at least for me.  I did find myself feeling a little complacent towards training and I'm not quite ready to jump to the next level.  So what to do to bump up the excitement level?  Add a couple of races!  The 2 in Seattle were no brainers.  It's the course I'm most familiar with and they are a month apart to keep me focused on training.  The next one I signed up for is the one taking place next weekend in Portland - I've been looking at this race for awhile now and finally decided to go ahead and do it.  Three triathlons, that is a good number.  It'll keep me busy and trained. 

When did 3 turn into 4?  Problem with working a lot is that at 10 p.m. at night when I'm still at the office, all I can think about is vacation.  And Italy is not until November.  Okay then, where to go and what to do?  Labor Day is right in the middle of my triathlon season and guess what is happening at Disney World?  That's right - a triathlon!  It was almost too perfect.  But the cost...  But I just paid off my car!!  I can direct a car payment (or two) towards a trip to Disney World before redirecting to other avenues.  Sounds too perfect!  I'll be going by myself, but it'll be fun.  And you are never really alone at Disney World!!  After all, Mickey lives there.

And that's how I ended up signing up for 4 triathlons in 8 weeks.

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