Monday, July 19, 2010


We've already done what goes on in Emily's mind during a run, and now let's see what goes through Emily's mind during a hot yoga class.

Yes!  Got a spot near the door!

I really hope I drank enough water before class...

Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that granola bar though - it has been a couple of hours, I should be okay.

Child's pose.

Really, why do the teachers tell us to back off the posture if we can't breathe in and out through our nose?  Don't they know I wouldn't be doing any poses?

Yes I'm the only one doing the modified chaturanga.  Oh well, yoga is individual - no judging, no comparing.  Please don't judge me.  Which also means me - focus on me and my mat.

What's my intention for class?  Mm, it's a surviving kind of night.  I will survive class.

Stupid chair, I hate chair.  I seriously think it is my least favorite pose (or my most hated).

Twist.  Nope, shouldn't have eaten that granola bar.

Another twist.  Wow, shouldn't have had that last sip of water either.

Dolphin to forearm plank.  Joy.  Plankety plank plank.  Yep, down on my knees.  Only 10 more seconds.

Shaking is good.  Isn't 10 seconds over already?

Yeah, I'm skipping this chaturanga.

Seriously, another chair?  With a twist?  My thighs are burning!!  Which, like shaking, is supposed to be a good thing. 

Dear Teacher, please, please, please open the door!  Love, Emily

Oh yeah!  Standing series.  I am going to make it. 

I like eagle! 

I like tree!  And it's the last one!

Wait, what?  You said tree was the last, why are we doing more?  Why aren't we on the floor?

Okay, I know this is hot yoga.  But really, it has to be a gagillion degrees in here tonight.  And no I'm not exaggerating..  At all.  Seriously - a gagillion degrees.

Whew she opened the door.  Okay, I can do it - hold on, hold on, hold on!  Right side done.

If I did the right side, I need to do the left.  Dig in, only standing split left.

Are you serious?  More flow?  Okay, if it results in half pigeon, I can do it.

I like half pigeon.  Well not really, but wow, it is helping my hip. 

Breathe in, breathe out.  Through the nose.

Yeah, the granola bar was not a good idea.  My tummy is not happy.

Onto abs.  Yay!  Almost done.

If it is super humid in here (which also means it probably isn't a gagillion degrees - it's just super humid), can't you please open the door again?  Just a smidge?  Pretty please?

Air, nice cold air!!

Add bicycle to the list of things I hate.

You said only 10 more!!  I don't know that I can go another 10!

You said only 10 more!!  Seriously, I don't know that I can do another 10!  And for the record that was 30 bicycles.

Bridge.  You know what?  I think I'm going to add wheel to my Life List if I ever get around to finishing it. 

Bridge pulses - I can do this.

Well I can do 8 of them. 

Oh thank goodness!  Savasana!

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