Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swedish 5K SummeRun

I was in a fairly optimistic frame of mind when I decided to run 12 5Ks as part of my 33 Things.  And then reality sets in - I had thought to do one a month and here it is almost the end of July.  Fortunately the Swedish SummeRun was this weekend. 

I got to the race site early, in time to sign up for the race.  First time I didn't pre-register!  Registration was a piece of cake and I changed into my race shirt, stretched, used the port-o-potty and stretched some more.  The 10K runners set off to the sounds of a live band.  I absolutely love the start of a race!!  And the live band was great!

After the 10Kers had started, the 5Kers lined up.  I took my spot in the 10 and higher pace section.  We were counted down and off we went!  I do have to say, people were lined up pretty well pace-wise.  I didn't have to run over too many people and not too many people ran over me.

My goal for this race was to run as much as I could, hopefully only walking through the water stop.  To continue with the hill theme, the race basically started off with a downhill.  Oh great, this will be loads of fun on the way back.  But for now I'll enjoy the downhill.  It took me awhile to find my rhythm but then I slow and steady through Mile 1.  Okay, I can do this.  I was starting to falter when I saw what I thought was the water stop.  It wasn't, but it got me to the next downhill.  And after the downhill was the water stop!  Hooray!  I grabbed water and walked until I had finished my water and started running again.  And then it was Mile 2!!  I got this.  I knew I had it, but my mind needed more convincing.  Especially up the next hill.  At the top of the hill was when the back caught back up with the out and there was still a ton of people walking.  The cheers from the walkers helped with the convincing.  Less than a mile, less than a mile.  I can do this.  And then it was the hill from the beginning of the race.  It wasn't this long at the beginning was it?  Why did the hill grow?  I am so close - I have to keep going.  Can't I walk?  No, you are almost there, you can make it!  Right foot, left foot, keep going and then I was at the top!  And there was the Mile 6 sign (for the 10Kers).  Only 2 tenths of a mile, so got this.  Before I knew it, the finish line was in sight.  I could see the clock and it had just turned to 59:00.  I knew we started about 20 minutes after the 10Kers, so if I could make it across the finish line before it turned to 60:00 I would have finished in about 40 minutes, while not my best time, still good for me.  Now it was down to me & the clock.  I'm not sure what the exact time was, but it still said 59 so mission accomplished! 

Race done, I hopped back in my car and headed for church.  I was fairly positive God wouldn't mind if I showed up for church sweaty, but I wasn't sure about the people I would be sitting next too.  I quickly toweled off with the free towel they gave us and called it good.

Race done, church done - next up was hot yoga.  I've found hot yoga after a run really does help me loosen up and stretch out.  It was a hard class, but we did do some hip work, which was good.

What was my actual time?  I'd like to know that as well.  My time is not showing up on the results page.  I'm hoping they just haven't uploaded everyone's time and eventually it will show up and my time is not lost forever.  Another reason why I really need to buy my Garmin watch so I can keep track of my time myself.  Hmm, another car payment redirection perhaps?

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