Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello Run

Hello run, swimbike has missed you!  Work has lightened up and I was able to leave before 7!  Woohoo!!  That has not happened in awhile.  What to do with all this time?  Go home and sleep?  Or go for a run?  Since my "run" has been basically non-existent, I decided it was about time to kick it back into gear (especially considering my first triathlon is in 2 weeks!!).  The sun was shining and I really wanted to go to the park but it was much easier to walk across the parking lot and hit the gym.  So the treadmill it was.  My plan was 2 miles or 30 minutes, whichever came first.  The 2 miles came first - whew!  I haven't lost all my running skills.  Instead of running X songs and walking 1, I decided to mix it up and run 5 minutes, walk 1.  The 5 minutes quickly turned into 6 and I was still feeling good after 2 miles.  Time to start building the base back up again.

Usually what happens when I work a lot, my vacation dreaming increases as well.  And with no real vacation to look forward to until November (Italy), an advertisement about a triathlon in Disney World can seriously attract you and then you do things like sign up for it, because you want to go on vacation and the triathlon is in Disney World (yes, I realize I have a severe Disney addiction and might need an intervention).  I haven't actually signed up (yet) but I am seriously considering it...maybe after I sleep some I will be a bit more rational.

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