Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunny Sunday

A sunny Sunday in Seattle in November??  And an extra hour of sleep?  Sign me up!!
  • What does vacation in a few weeks mean?  Shopping!!  I think I might be close to being done.  What do I still need?  A carry-on suitcase with wheels, maybe a new pair of shoes, and maybe a new camera.  Do I need a new camera?  Eh, debatable.  But I WANT a new camera! :)
  • A bulk of my shopping was done at the outlet mall.  As I was shopping I passed by a girl and could not think where I knew her from.  I was looking at her intently (to try to figure out where I knew her from) and I think she started looking at me intently (probably thinking if I was trying to place her, maybe she knew me).  A few seconds after she passed by, it hit me!!  I read her blog.  That's why she looked familiar!  I didn't bother chasing her down to explain. 
  • Also spied during my shopping outing?  A giant Christmas tree!!  Okay people, I love Christmas.  I more than love Christmas!  I can't wait until Christmas decorations are up and Christmas music is playing, but Christmas decorations should not be put up until after Thanksgiving!  It is too early for Christmas trees.
  • Am I the only person who wears running clothes to church?  I might be.  But my church is so close to the park, it just makes sense.  Well, makes sense to me. 
  • There were lots and lots of lovely crunchy leaves on the trail this morning.  There is something about walking and running through fallen leaves.
  • The great debate this morning was whether or not to wear a jacket on my run.  I ended up not wearing one, and it was the right choice.  There was only a few times I really wished I had a jacket, most of the time I was glad I didn't.   
  • What would have been a good thing to take on my run was sunglasses!  Especially when the wind picked up.  My eyes were watering for most of the run back to the car.
  • I really like my new running shirt with the thumb holes.  What a great invention!!

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FruitFly said...

November 1st I went to Disney's Hollywood Studios ... HUGE Christmas tree at the entrace, and decorations throughout the park! Even the Magic Kingdom was almost fully decorated by the time I left. I knew I'd see Halloween decorations while I was there, but it never occurred to me that Christmas would hit while I was there, too!