Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Here we go!

In a moment of "oh yeah, I can totally do that" I signed up for a race.  That's right.  A race!  In two weeks!!  Oh boy.  Apparently now that I am moving better, my love of all things race kicked in (race t-shirts, medals, start lines, finish lines, expos, and goody bags).  This race has an option for a 5K Run or a 5K Walk.  And you have to register for one or the other.  Now here is the dilemma - obviously I will be walking way more than I will be running this 5K.  But I will be attempting to run at least part of it.  Does that make me part of the Run or the Walk?  What to choose?  I tell you I was very torn over this issue.  I wavered back and forth and forth and back.  In the end I signed up for the run (after realizing both the run and walk started at the same time) because I always think back to my first half marathon (many, many years ago and I walked the entire thing) and the race official was telling us if you are a walker, you should be walking, not running.  Since I am pretty sure I will be able to run a little bit, that's what I signed up to do.  Wow, this will be my first race in about 5 months!  Now, what to wear?  And what playlist?  All these exciting decisions to make!


FruitFly said...

YAY!!!! I'm doing a happy dance for you down here! Their logo and website is so colorful - maybe your race shirt will be, too!

Anonymous said...

Walk or run, it's all good - yeah for you!