Friday, June 25, 2010

Cleanse, Day 3

I had been planning to write that today actually hadn't been that bad.  And then I finished the last of my allotted lemon juice concoction and my tummy started grumbling.  But really, I was surprised that today went as well as it did considering today was the first day without solid food.  Nope no real food - water and a lemon juice/maple syrup mixture only.  On the happier side, the headache was much diminished today. 

Why lemon juice & pure maple syrup?  According to my book, the lemon juice is a good cleansing agent and the pure maple syrup contains many minerals and vitamins and is a balanced natural sweetener. 

I wasn't sure how this first day of liquids was going to go, but I continued drinking water and tried to spread my lemon juice mixture throughout the day.  And one thing that probably did help is the fact my new cube is not anywhere near the kitchen so I wasn't bombarded with smells.  Oh, and that no one brought in donuts to celebrate Friday.  Also I think I knew I was on liquid today, while the previous days I knew I could eat food, I was just limited.  Whatever the reason I am thankful to be through the first all liquid day.  Only 2 more days and then I can eat fruit again!  Woohoo!!

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