Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Senses Friday

Mayonnaise on the ceiling. You may be wondering exactly how that happened... So Jessica & I were making lunch in the kitchen and I went to put away the condiments. The lid on the mayo jar wasn’t fully on and SPLAT! It fell on the ground, and mayo went everywhere, including on the ceiling. How did we find out it was on the ceiling? Because it dropped off onto the floor. We were cracking up!!  Fortunately not too many people were in the kitchen and did not witness our mayo debacle.

Lots of noise due to the fact we are packing up the office to move to another building

Cinnamon goldfish


Not much – not sure if it is the dust being resettled from packing or a summer cold, but my nose is not a happy camper

Swim: 2 pool swims
Bike: A fairly flat ride along with Sammamish River Trail, with no iPod - it was actually nice to listening to all the other sounds

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