Friday, June 25, 2010

Five Senses Friday

If you were thinking there might be a theme to my five senses this week, you would be correct!  It is the start of Day 3 of the cleanse and the day that the lemon mixture starts.  I do have to say, I might have pushed through something, as I am not starving this morning.  But the day is still young.  Check back later to hear how Day 3 went.

* cupcakes that I can't eat - the box is sitting in my cube mocking me
* wildflowers blooming along the side of the road

* The low roar of cars speeding past - my new cube overlooks the freeway and it'll be awhile before I learn to tune out the cars
* The US pull out an amazing victory!!!  This is in the hearing section as I listened on the radio to the second half game, rather than watching it.

* Hungry
* Sore from unpacking boxes

* Fruit, lots and lots of fruit

* The aforementioned cupcakes (but I haven't given in yet, well given in again yet)

* Swim - 1 pool swim
* Bike - An extremely wet and windy ride – I am not a cyclist but any means, I usually bike in my running shoes and by the end of this ride they were soaked!!
* Run - nothing.  I need to pick up my run.  Maybe next week.

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